Don’t Ship Junk

Want an easy way to save a bunch of money on your move? Three simple words: “don’t ship junk.” There are a lot of irreplaceable family items, keepsakes and really valuable items. But there is often more junk in our homes than we realize. Before you pack up your house, feel free to throw items away, especially if they are old, worn out, or replaceable. Consider this:

  • Consider the space it takes up in the truck. Often times shipping companies will charge by the foot in the trailer. If an couch takes up 4 feet at $80/ft, make sure that couch is worth more than $320. If not, consider donating the couch, selling it online and saving up for a new couch when you arrive at your new home.
  • Packing up the house will expose you to a lot of unexpected and hidden treasures in your house. It will also reveal a bunch of unwanted items. Make sure you keep a trash bag handy while you pack and let go of things if you’re not sure if you want it anymore. Saving space means saving money.
  • Practice generosity by giving things away that you haven’t used in a while. Think of your friends who may benefit from something you have. It’s also a great time to give away keepsakes that mean something to a close friend of yours. There’s nothing like a thoughtful goodbye present!

It may seem like a hard thing to do but if you give yourself a pep-talk, you can start throwing away the unwanted junk in your house really easily. Give it a try and you’ll see that this move might be the right opportunity to unclutter your life in ways you’ve always wanted to. Don’t ship junk! Get rid of it and start fresh.